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I created this blog for my journal. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In this blog I keep many of the things I come across as a member of the church. I also share my experiences on the ACE Train and getting to work, my experiences in Manteca where we have lived for three years, and other things I think are noticeable.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Nauvoo Day One

The word to summarize the first day in Nauvoo was “hot.”  However this didn’t keep us from enjoying ourselves.  We left Des Moines pretty early, and made a quick stop in Iowa City along our way.  We checked out the Handcart Park there.  We were ready for lunch when we arrived in Burlington, and Caleb took us to one of his favorite places, Wendy’s. 

Burlington Bridge

The cool barn

The bridge in Burlington is really cool, and is featured on the Iowa map.  We stopped on our way South to Nauvoo for a barn picture.  Then to Nauvoo, where we started with the Visitor Center, and a movie about Joseph and what happened in Nauvoo.  From there we visited the Joseph Smith Home, the Nauvoo House (never finished but the materials used to make a comfortable home.) and Emma Smith’s home.  This included the Smith family plot with the bodies of Hyrum, Emma and Joseph.

Nauvoo House

as intended

Mansion House

Nauvoo store, upstairs where first relief society held
We also caught the blacksmith shop and the Wheelwright.  Being in the Blacksmith shop on a hot day would be murder.  It was interesting to see how the wheels were made, and how they put on the out tire.  We all came away with a diamond ring.  Then a trip to the Nauvoo gravesite, which was 2 miles outside of town.  I have since figured it would have been in town, as Nauvoo once had 14,000 residents and competed with Chicago for the most populated city in Illinois.

The highlight of our first day was going through the temple.  It was quite the experience.  This temple interior is dominated by the large assembly room on the first floor.  We attended the session with the Burlington Ward and met many friends of Caleb as this was where he was last serving.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Caleb's Homecoming Talk

Caleb delivered his homecoming speech in sacrament meeting this week.  It was very good.  He mostly told stories about the miracles people had with regards to the Book of Mormon and receiving testimony through it of the truthfulness of the church.  One story involved a man from Liberia, who could speak, but not read English.  The Book of Mormon has not been translated to his language, but he did say if he received a witness of the veracity of the book he would be baptized.  This testimony was born to him in a dream, when an angel came to him and told him the book was true.  He also talked of a couple he taught, where accepting the gospel made incredible changes in their lives, from being homeless with no car to having a car, three jobs, and a healthy baby.  He also talked of a young man who had received a testimony through the Book of Mormon, and wrote his family to tell them of his desire to attend BYU Idaho and go on a mission.  Caleb was there when his parents called back, and accused him of not loving them.  They were able to provide support in a sensitive situation.  This brother is at BYU Idaho, but has not yet been able to raise money for a mission. 

How to get Killed Driving the Altamont Pass

The drive to work, which I do on occasion, has become much more scary.  I have also learned a lesson, “mind yourself.”  In one of those moments, I flipped off another driver.  I was changing lanes in front of him, and he pulled up and blocked me off, and honked.  I tried to ask for him to let me in, but he had no intention, so I turned the asking into flipping him off.  He pulled back, and then I pulled in front of him.  He was not happy, pulled around to the side of me, and then pulled in front of me, slamming on his breaks as if we wanted me to crash into him.  I saw his driver side door begin to open..  It was all I could do to not hit him.  He must have been disappointed, because his door only opened an inch or so, and then closed again.  I am sure he expected I would crash into him.  I was able to get around him on the left, but I left lots of space between me and the next car so I could hurry past him.  Even so, When I went past I drove on the shoulder; I wasn’t sure if he would try the same trick again.  I did get in front of him, and then changed lanes so he couldn't track me.  I think I left him way behind, but lost track of him never-the-less.  Some drivers should take the train, which is what I do mostly unless I am working overtime.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Wild Flowers and other Fauna on Our Iowa Trip

Utah West Desert Tree
Tree at Utah West Desert Rest Area
Iowa City Handcart Park
These pictures are all from the Handcart Park.  There was lots of brush and lots many different wild flowers.

Nauvoo, flower between the city and the river
Soybean was very common in both Iowa and Illinois
Flower garden pictures at Carthage Jail 

These next flowers were at the Bear Lake over look

Sun Flower
Quaking Apen

Mom's nursing home
Close to Great Salt Lake, not cattails
Sunflowers Mt. Sterling, Ut
If you identify any of the flowers please comment and let me know.

Iowa Trip Day 3: Des Moines

We started early from Terry's house after an interesting conversation about kids.  We stopped briefly for pictures in Elk Horn where they have a Danish windmill.  The also have an old viking house, circa 900 a.d. replica.
Danish Windmill

Viking House

Adair Iowa
We then hit the road, and were in Adair for breakfast where Jesse James and his gang carried out a train robbery.  The park was very nice, with a small playground and picnic tables.  We were off to Des Moines for our next stop.  
In Des Moines it was the first day of the State Fair, and we thought long about attending.  However, the crowds, my need for a haircut, and the need to pick up Ty at the airport put us short on time so we did not get there.  We drove through down town, no one wanted to get out, but have a couple pictures from the car.

801 Grand, tallest building in Des Moines

church through the bugged windshield

Des Moines Arboretum part of botanical garden
Cow and calf outside dairy
We picked up Ty, and then headed for something to eat.  We chose Perkins Restaurant and Bakery, which was a good choice.  They had breakfast as well as dinner.  I had the chicken fried steak with banana cream pie.  Very good.  
We then checked in to the hotel, and I was able to get in a swim.  Not the largest of pools, but I could get a bit of a swim in swimming diagonally.  The highlight of the day was picking up our Caleb.   This was Thursday August 13.