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I created this blog for my journal. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In this blog I keep many of the things I come across as a member of the church. I also share my experiences on the ACE Train and getting to work, my experiences in Manteca where we have lived for three years, and other things I think are noticeable.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Movie Night: ****La Perla, The Pearl

This is a 1947 Mexican film of the John Steinbeck novella the Pearl.  I borrowed it from Manteca Library.  It was selected by US Film Registry for preservation.

This story follows very closely the book, but not exactly.  John Steinbeck wrote the screenplay.  This movie has lots of tension, starting with the scorpion stinging the baby.  Seeing the scorpion and the baby, and knowing what would happen was very tense.  They take the baby to the doctor who refuses to see them.  What I liked that was not in the book is the showing of the Mexican culture.  This includes singing, dancing and fireworks.  The story takes place in Baja California.  The doctor refuses to see the baby, but he is cured with help of a curandera.  Meanwhile, the father finds a big pearl.  The pearl changes the life of he and his family.  First locals try to steal the pear from him.  The do this by playing on his lack of knowledge.  The doctor insists he treat the baby, even though he is now better.   The doctor and his brother-in-law try to get him drunk so they can steal the pearl.  There is a big fight.  They accuse him of fighting his best friends.  The pearl buyers, try to buy the pearl for much less than it is worth.  They all work for the "patron."  He decides to take the pearl to a large city to sell.    His wife pleads with him, "por favor, tira la perla al mar." "please, throw the pearl into the sea."  He refuses, and when she tries to do it, he catches her and hits her.  They are confronted by robbers, and the father kills a man.  He and his family make their escape.  He is chased by the doctor and the patron, who has trackers.  The patron kills the doctor, and another bystander.  He then catches up to the family, and hears the baby crying.  He fires a shot at the baby, just before the father is able to overcome him.  The couple return home, where they throw the pearl back into the sea.
This story has meaning on a couple of different levels.  You can look at it from the perspective of seeing everything against those who are poor, trying to keep them in their station.  However you can also look at it from the attitude that we all have our lot in life, and should stay there, and not let big dreams get in the way.
It does help to know Spanish, but I didn't catch all the dialogue.  There is more action than dialogue however, and if you have read the book you can follow the story.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Movie Night: ****^ Love Never Dies

I watched this through Netflix DVD.  It is a 2012 production.
Love Never Dies is the continuation of Phantom of the Opera.  It is an Andrew Lloyd Webber production.
There are a couple of songs that stand out, and summarize the musical.  The Phantom fled Paris to Coney Island in New York.  Ten years later he gets Christine Daae to follow.  She brings her husband and ten year old son.  In the second song, "Love Never Dies" is the hint of the ending.

Look With Your Heart by Love Never Dies Cast
Love's a curious thing, it often comes disguised
Look at love the wrong way, it goes unrecognized

So look with your heart, and not with your eyes
The heart understands, the heart never lies
Believe what it feels, and trust what it shows
Look with your heart, the heart always knows
Love is not always beautiful, not at the start

So open your arms, and close your eyes tight
Look with your heart, and when it finds love, your heart will be right

Learn from someone who knows, make sure you don't forget
Love you misunderstand is love that you'll regret

Look with your heart, and not with your eyes
The heart can't be fooled

The heart is too wise

Forget what you think

Ignore what you hear

[Christine and Gustave]
Look with your heart, it always sees clear

Love is not always beautiful, not at the start

But open your arms, and close your eyes tight
Look with your heart, and when it finds love, your heart will be right

Love Never Dies by Love Never Dies Cast
Who knows when love begins, who knows what makes it start
One day it's simply there, a life inside your heart
It slips into your thoughts, it infiltrates your soul
It takes you by surprise, then seizes full control
Try to deny it and try to protest
But love won't let you go, once you've been possessed

Love never dies, love never falters
Once it has spoken, love is yours
Love never fails, love never alters
Hearts may get broken, love endures
Hearts may get broken, love endures

And soon as you submit, surrender flesh and bone
That love takes on a life much bigger than your own
It uses you at whim, and drives you to despair
And forces you to feel more joy than you can bear
Love gives you pleasure and love brings you pain
And yet, when both are gone, love will still remain

Once it has spoken, love is yours
Love never dies, love never alters
Hearts may get broken, love endures
Hearts may get broken...

Love never dies, love will continue
Love keeps on beating, when you're gone
Love never dies, once it is in you
Life may be fleeting, love lives on
Life may be fleeting
Love lives on

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Caleb finishes Musical Run Bye Bye Birdie

The green room

Caleb and friends, Maddie, Emma, Siman, Annie

Tony outside just before we went in
Musical finished this weekend.  Sheri, Charity and Anthony, Miranda, went Friday while I went Saturday.  I actually got Tony over there Saturday and then they were sold out; however we went for the final scene.  I wanted Tony to hear Caleb sing "Rosie."  I thought it was the highlight of the show.  They really need an auditorium at the high school.  They use the green room, which only holds 75.  They do have array of lights, but no stage, and no arch.  Nothing like the auditorium in Cupertino which seats 400.  I wanted to be there at the end to catch a picture of Caleb with his friends from the Lathrop Ward. 
Now to brag a bit.  Caleb did a very professional job.  He projected well.  He also showed great emotion.  His reaction when he told  Mama to go home, and to the kiss were classic.  It was fun watching him.
Missing the musical, I took Tony to Del Taco.  I really like there fries.  So did Tony.  Tony is a great ketchup dipper, and we had enough ketchup to accommodate him.  The churros as good as well and the have an assortment of shakes.  The tacos are cheap.  I went to the drive-in, but Tony noticed the play place, so we spent an hour almost while Tony played.  He loved the slide, but he did bonk himself on the seams a few times.  They also had  couple punch bags an Tony played Power Rangers for a good long time.  Those bags kept knocking him down, and then he would have to get even with them.  The thing I was impressed with was the cleanliness.  Much better than McDonalds across the street.

The other thing I enjoyed this weekend had nothing to do with Manteca, but Bear Lake in Utah.  Liz and Mark had given us a bottle of Chads raspberry jam.  Positively the best I ever tasted.  It is a bit pricey, but maybe could be a sporadic treat.
Meantime we stick to the Food 4 Less jam which has a very good price.  I have always loved raspberry jam, and now Sheri is hooked as well.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Conference Music


I thought I would share this link.  This is conference music for the past years.  Of course it is dominated by the tabernacle choir, but their is also lots of other good stuff.  I recommend BYU Men's Choir and "I Love the Lord."  Anything by the Tabernacle Choir is going to be good as well.  If you like men's choirs you can pick Priesthhood sessions, and for women's choirs there is Young Women's and Relief Society meetings.  There is also primary music if you prefer children's voices.  This is a great site.  It will also play through so you don't have to pick each song.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Movie Review: ****^The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

This is a 1962 John Ford movie featuring John Wayne as Tom Doniphan, the gun slinging hardened westerner and James Stewart as Ransom Stoddard the green horn lawyer.  They meet early on after Doniphan brings Stoddard in after he is beaten by Liberty Valance (Lee Marvin) and left to die after a coach robbery. Valance does not like the law or lawyers.  Valance continues to carry a grudge against Stoddard.  Doniphan has to step in again.  However when the ranchers hire him to keep the sodbusters from making the territory a state, with more law.  Stoddard, and the news editor are voted as delegates. Valance beats the news editor.  He challenges Stoddard to a gun duel.  The gun duel doesn't turn out like he wants.  So on the reputation, Stoddard wins the governorship, but is he the man who shot Liberty Valance, and can he live with himself.
This show has lots to like.  Vera Miles is terrific about the girl Doniphan likes, but who marries Stoddard in the end.  Wayne and Stewart are both superb in their roles.  Marvin is so evil, and his side kick, played by Strother Martin has an evil laugh.  The only thing I didn't like was Wayne looking macho by smoking.  We now know cigarettes killed him in the end.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Movie Night: ****^Wild Hearts Can't be Broken (1991)

This is a Disney movie, and tells the true story of Sonora Webster Carver.  It is a depression era movie, and Sonora was determined to make it to Atlantic City to make her future.  She manages to gain employment with Doc Carver, first as a stable hand, and later as a diving girl.  Doc Carver, a famous sharpshooter, and contemporary of Wild Bill Hickok and Buffalo Bill, had put together an act using diving horses with a young woman rider.  Unfortunately Doc passes away before they take the act to Atlantic City.  His son, and Sonora's future husband, takes over the show.  In this movie you have a young woman determined to be a success, and she learns how to mount a moving horse to be a diving girl.  What is even more dramatic is that after losing her eye sight to an accident where she went into the water face first with her eyes open, causing the detachment of her retinas, she continued to perform as a diving girl.  I discovered in real life she performed for eleven more years blind, and a total of 20 years.  In real life passed away only ten years ago at the age of 99.
The actress that portrays Sonora, Gabrielle Anwar, is Fionna on "Burn Notice."

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Life in Manteca 64: Caleb's Musical, New Desk

Caleb portrayed Albert at the Sierra High School production of "Bye Bye Birdie."  He has four more shows, Friday and then two on Saturday.  He does a great job.  Albert is the manager and Rosie his secretary and love.  Small auditorium (75 seats) so be early.

Sheri surprised me by giving me the desk she purchased at the fund-raising auction at the ward.  I am in the process of reorganizing myself.

Movie Review: ***^Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

This is an early Andrew Loyd Webber Tim Rice.  This theatrical movie features Donny Osmond.
This is Andrew Lloyd Webber's first musical performed, which he wrote while he was in high school.  Originally it was only 15 minutes, but has gone through much revision and expansion.  This is an operetta telling the story of Joseph.  They missed an important lesson taught by the story in the Bible, otherwise I may have given it more stars.  When Joseph is tempted by Potiphar's wife, the Bible says he got himself out.  In this version he does not get himself out but stays resisting temptation.  The movie also like to insinuate that Israel, the prophet was a philanderer because he had multiple wives.  That is not the motivation for polygamy, or at least shouldn't be.
This move does have great music.  It has period pieces not reflecting Hebrew music, but Cowboy, French etc.  This show also has Donny Osmond.  His rendition of "Close Every Door to Me" is a show stopper.  It also has the pursuit of a dream, and the reunification of a family.

Michael Ballam: The Healing Power of Music


Today in Sunday School we talked about Emma Smith and section 25 which was a revelation for her.  We talked about marital relationship, being aware of pride and finding joy.  We did not talk about her assignments to gather hymns, and what the Lord said about music.

 11 And it shall be given thee, also, to make a selection of sacred hymns, as it shall be given thee, which is pleasing unto me, to be had in my church.
 12 For my soul delighteth in the song of the heart; yea, the song of the righteous is a prayer unto me, and it shall be answered with a blessing upon their heads.

I cam across this movie on BYUTV of Michael Ballam.  This is one in which he talks about the power of music--the healing power of music for the most part.  I pray that I will be singing until the day I day and beyond. Music brings light to my life.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Movie Night: ****^Cool Runnings

This is a 1993 movie of the first Jamaican bob sled team at the 1988 Winter Olympics.  I actual remember this story from the Calgary Olympics.  Four sprinters, who were hoping to run track and field, but a fall ends this dream, but still wanting to be Olympians, take up bob sledding.  Irv Blitzer (John Candy) becomes their coach.  This movie is not only motivational, but funny.  A lines that sticks, "You dead man?"  This line is in my vocabulary.  The Jamaicans find their style, with a lucky egg, and their own song, "We got a Jamaican Bob Sled Team."  It is amazing how sometimes dreams hang by a thread, and their is always opposition.  Sometimes opposition comes from those you love; sometimes from those you don't know; and sometimes from others who disrespect you.  Whatever the case you have to stand and fight.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Book Review: Sweet Thursday (To MMBOE)

Sweet Thursday
“Sweet Thursday” is a delightful read.  It was published in 1954 and written by John Steinbeck.  It is the sequel to “Cannery Row.”  It is set after WWII where “Cannery Row” is before the war.  Many things have changing.  The Bear Flag is now run by Dora’s sister Fauna, after Dora passed away, the local market is run by El Patron, Jesus and Mary, after it was sold to him by the Chinaman.  The boys of the flop house are still there, minus one who didn’t come back from the war.  Doc returns to the Western Biological Laboratory, after it was abandoned during the war.  He begins to rebuild his business.
We add to this mix of characters, Suzy, who arrives new to town, is destitute, and takes up residence and profession at the Bear Flag.  She becomes a project of Miss Fauna, who prides herself in marrying off some of her prostitutes to good men.  They are her gold-star girls.  She earmarks Suzy for Doc. 
Doc has his own struggles.  He wants to do something important with his life.  He takes to writing a paper about octopi.  He can’t get anything on paper however.  He struggles, but the words don’t come.  He studied 20 of them, until they all died.  Now to continue his project, he has to get more octopi when the tide is right, from La Jolla.  Steinbeck interprets Doc’s problems with three voices.  The lower voice, “I am lonely” seems to be the strongest.  Above these voices are those that I have to achieve, and you’ll only fail anyway. 
Fauna manipulates Doc into taking Suzy on a date, and they have a good time.  However Suzy reports they don’t even kiss.  Then the big day arrives.  A party is planned, to present Suzy to Doc as a desirable mate.  Suzy dresses like Snow White.  However, Suzy can see in Doc’s eyes that he is being forced rather than actually going for it of his own free will, or out of love.  She takes off, falling in the mud, and confessing her love.  She is not willing to give into it due to her own pride.  She does move out of the Bear Flag, takes up residence in a boiler, and works for a diner, supporting herself with tips. 
At the same time Doc’s lower voice finally wins out.  He realizes he cannot live without Suzy.  He just can’t be complete without her.  However she won’t have him.  The solution comes to Hazel, who is slow intellectually, but knows he has to do something.  It is rather drastic.  He breaks Doc’s arm with a bat.  He now cannot go collect his octopi without help.  Suzy comes to the rescue, as she is now finds a place.  She has to learn to drive to do it, and drives off with Doc in the car, headed to La Jolla, having knocked the porch off the lab.
I wonder about pride.  In this case it almost kept two people apart.  There was pride on both sides.  Hopefully it doesn’t take broken bones to overcome pride.  I think of a Neal Diamond song, “It’s my belief pride is the chief cause in the decline of the number of husbands and wives.  Oh the great evil pride.  May I keep her in check.

Motivational Movies: Summary

***** Rudy
***** Hoosiers
***** Michael Ballam: The Power of Music to Lift and Teach: BYU Education Week (1998)
***** Michael Ballam: The Healing Power of Music: BYU Education Week (1999)
***** Michael Ballam:Recognizing Inspiration in the Arts: BYU Education Week (2009)
***** Brave (Disney Pixar 2012)
***** Unstoppable
****^ Hitchcock
****^ The Drop Card (BYU)
****^ Johnny Lingo (LDS 1969)
****^ The Emmet Smith Story (BYU 1979)

****^ The Pistol: The Birth of a Legend (Pete Maravich)
***^ Pistol Pete Maravich: The LSU Years (perseverance practice)
****^ Cool Runnings (1993) Jamaican Bob Sled Team, a dream vs opposition
****^ Wild Hearts Can't be Broken, (1991) Diving Girl
**** The Phone Call (LDS 1977)
**** Faith in Every Footstep
***^ Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat (talks about having a dream)
***^ John Baker's Last Race (BYU)
*** Run Dick, Run Jane  (BYU 1972)
*** Blind Love (BYU 1979)

Movie Night: ****^The Pistol (1991)

The Pistol: The Birth of a Legend:

Pete Maravich had a gift on the basketball court, and he was a pleasure to watch.  This movie tells how that gift came to be.  There are some things that come naturally, and there are some things you develop.  In this case, both of those criteria apply. 
This movie deals with Pete Maravich when he was in eighth grade, before he was a legend.  He was struggling with things just like anyone else.  However he had a dream.  His father had been a profession player, and was a college coach.  He emphasized self confidence.  Pete took these lessons to heart.  He had a love for basketball, and being the best.  I love this movie.  It is a motivational classic.
One warning for those who watch this movie with their children; it shows many “tricks” with a basketball.  Your kids will try many of these tricks.  If they do the “ricochet” incorrectly it may cause an injury.
This movie is very motivational if you have big dreams.  If not I imagine it will fall flat.  I like Pete's interaction with the cheerleader.  Pete can't understand why do something if you are not dedicated to be the best.  By the end of the movie she has caught on, as has Moose, the big guy on the team who wants to get a scholarship.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Book Review: The Pastures of Heaven (to mmboe)

The Pastures of Heaven
John Steinbeck offers a description of this valley, which is so positive I have been trying to find exactly where it is located and I want to go see it for myself.  Pastures of heaven, must be very nice.
This book is a series of twelve short stories about the people of pastures of heaven.  This is an earlier book of John Steinbeck, published in 1932.  I love short stories, and I love John Steinbeck, so this is the perfect book for me. 
The first story told is that of Bert Munroe, a father with wife and one child, who come to the valley to change their bad luck.  He has had several business ventures which have fallen through.  Often they looked like they would bring success, but in the end did not.  He takes up the farm which is supposed to be cursed.  Past residents have fallen on bad luck with a past family being subject to epilepsy and crazy fits, and they all die in the end.  The next family to be on the place just disappeared mysteriously.   Bert says it’s funny about the place because maybe his bad luck and the places bad luck will cancel each other out, and it does.  He becomes a prominent member of the community and is well liked and accepted.
Edward “Shark” Wicks is believed to be wealthy with many investments.  However his investments are just pretend, but he lets others believe he is doing well.  He is cursed, or blessed with a beautiful daughter.  He protects her chastity jealously.  When he goes away on a trip, comes back and discovers she was kissed by a guy, he ends up with a gun headed towards the boy’s property, even though he really doesn’t want to do anything.  Before he can back down, he is confronted by the police and arrested.  Bond is set, and the whole town comes to realize he has nothing.  His wife is the person with all the power of healing.  He is a broken man, but she lets him know they can go away, and he can have his shot for real.
Junius Maltby comes to the valley for his health.  He was a successful clerk in San Francisco.  He rents a room, but when the widowed proprietor worries about what others might say, He marries her.  She has two sons.  They die from the flu, and the black death takes her, but before she dies, she gives him a son.  He knows nothing of parenting or farming.  The farm turns to weed and they are poor.  He hires a German to run the farm, who knows less than he.  They live in bliss, until the county makes the son go to school.  Father sends him in rags, and the community feels they need to do something about it.  However he is a leader among the boys, and well liked.  They imitate his clothes.  His father and farm hand join in the games.  However, at the annual School Board visiting the school day, a wife of the school board presents him with new clothes.  This causes his father to realize what others think of him, and he leaves the valley, going back to San Francisco to work at a job he knows.

Music Review: CD Lion King (to mmboe)

Lion King Broadway CD   
I checked this out from Manteca Library.  The Lion King music is written by Elton John and Tim Rice with other contributors.  The music of the Broadway show, although familiar to those of us who have seen the movie many times, is also different.  It is more Africanized.  Initially this is a pleasant change.  The Circle of Life, which introduces the show, is very well done.  The different rhythms and sounds of the African Savannah make for a pleasant experience.  Many of the songs come through like in the movie.  “I can’t wait to be king,”  “Hakunah Matata,” “Can You See the Love Tonight,”  “He Lives in You,” etc.  One song is a disappointment on the C.D. and that is “In the Jungle.”  It was so short, you couldn’t really get into it.  My complaint is that by the end, with the reprise of “Circle of Life” they are trying to do too much.  It turns out to be overwhelming and a jumble of noises and almost stops being musical.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Movie Night: ****^ Brian's Song

This is a good movie.  The relationship between Gale Sayers (Billy De Williams) and Brian Piccolo (James Caan) a black man and a white man who roomed together, when that was not kosher, is very poignant.  These two men, who competed for the same position, and then supported each other and became good friends, is what drama is about.
Until this movie came out, I had no idea of the relationship, or even who Brian Piccolo was.  I had seen Gale Sayers in highlight films,  but did not know this story.  Cancer is no one's friend.  It takes too many of us.
Yjos movie will tear you heart out.  I highly recommend it.  It is available on instant Netflix. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Movie Night: ***^ Pocahantas II (1998)

This movie I found on Instant Netflix.  I enjoyed this movie for the most part.  John Smith goes into self banishment, and it is assumed he has died.  However he is in hiding as Ratcliffe (David Ogden Stiers) has gained influence with the king, and wants to take an armada to wipe out the Indians and get his gold. This movie introduces John Rolfe, who goes to America to invite the leader of the Native  Americans to come to England to meet the King.  Pohantan does not wish to go, but Pocahantas decides to go in his place.  She goes as a princess.  Pocahantas is jailed after protecting a bear from torture.  John Smith and John Rolfe team up to rescue her, but then she confronts the king again.  She convinces the king there is no Gold, and Ratcliffe is thwarted.

This movie works with the relationships between Pocahantas and the men.  Ratcliffe continues to be evil.  The animals are no longer cute, the willow tree thing is old, the music is forgetable.  The Native American who travels with Pocahantas is funny in his regal manner.  The artwork leaves no doubt this is 2nd tier Disney.  However the thing that works the best is the relationship between Pocahantas and John Rolfe.

My review of Pocahantas

Monday, March 4, 2013

Movie Night: ***^Treasure Island (1990 tv movie)

This a made for t.v. movie starring Charlton Heston as Long John Silver.  It really showcases Heston's ability.  He gives Long John the  larger-than-life feel he is known for.  There are enough plot changes between this and the Disney Treasure Island that it is worth viewing.  I especially like the use of a blunder gun, sort of a cannon shot gun, used by the captain.  However they are facing the cannon from ship.  In other words, there are some clever fight scenes.  It is well played the dangerous situation Long John and Master Him Hawkins (a young Christian Bale) find themselves in, and it gets worse when the treasure is already gone.   But it is Heston who makes this movie enjoyable and worthy of a view.  It is in our personal library on VCR.

Life in Manteca 63: Hot Spud and Wisdom Teeth, Ward Party

Our Saturday was very busy.  Sheri and I started helping clean the church, and then helping someone move stuff, but were at the Battle of the Bands at eleven to hear Caleb play with Hot Spud.  It was again at the Senior Center this year.
Caleb couldn't drink or eat anything all morning because of oral surgery he had planned.  He didn't want to postpone it, so did the best he could, however it does show in his singing.
Oral surgery was for the removal of three wisdom teeth.  He had his moments.  I only recorded while he was struggling with hiccups coming off anesthesia. 

We ended the day with a ward party and silent auction for young men's young women's fundraiser.  Tony fell in love with dog house, but the bid was way too high for us.  The Sierra High School Jazz Band played, with out Caleb who couldn't blow the trumpet because of his surgery.  However Caleb was there with us, and we both agreed they sounded really well.  The meal was pulled pork.  It was a fun evening.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sky View, My Alma Mater Takes State in Basketball

What an incredible week in Logan.  For the first time in history, the three Cache Valley schools met in the semi-finals at the State 4-A basketball tournament.   Mountain Crest beat Logan, and Sky View beat Bountiful to set up a cross county final. 
Sky View won the semi-final on an incredible shot.

I caught the second half of the Sky View-Mountain Crest game. It was broadcast through Deseret News.  I must admit I was rooting for Mountain Crest.  Not only is this school only a couple blocks from our home growing up (It wasn't there when I went to high school and we were bused to Smithfield to Sky View) but Gaje Ferguson is a member of the team.  Gaje lived in our ward in Cupertino while his dad was going to chiropractic school.  He was a good friend of Caleb's as they are the same age.  He visited them a couple times after they moved to Logan and we were home with my mother.  They since moved to Mendon.  Here is a picture of Gaje after the semi-final victory.

Here is the article about the final.

Life in Manteca 64: Almond Blossom Walk

I took a short walk to go see the almond blossoms, and the construction in the old almond orchard behind our house.  I walked cross country a couple places, where there are gong to put future houses.  There were lots of thorns, as they were on the bottom of my shoes when I hit the black top and made them feel weird, until the had all fallen off.  I also found some interesting patterns.
Almond blossoms along Atherton

Bass Pro Shop
vine pattern

soil pattern

weed patterns

sewage line going in, looks like Pagoda to continue across Woodward

Friday, March 1, 2013

Movie Night: ****Sabrina (1954)

This is a beautiful story.  The chauffer’s daughter (Audrey Hepburn) has been in love with the younger brother David (William Holden) of the rich employer's family since she was a child.  However he is a player.  So she goes to Paris to get away from the drama, and comes home a beautiful blossomed woman.  However the brother is now engaged, and this is a marriage to convenience to forge a partnership between two families and two companies.  However, as he is a player, he spies Sabrina for the first time, and wants to leave the arranged marriage behind and go with her.  Older brother, Linus (Humphry Bogart) manages to take his place for a few days, while younger brother recuperates from an injury.  His initial goal is to send her back to Paris.  Slowing the affections change their loyalty.  But the older brother has always been the brother who has been responsible, and would never do anything to upset the family.
As I said a beautiful story, and Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogurt carry their parts well.  The difference in age is something they have to overcome as part of the story, and so does not get in the way of the story.

Life in Manteca 62: Music and Fundraiser

This  blog is about happennings.  This past Sunday there was a musical fireside.  Caleb and I sang in the choir, "Battler Hymn of the Republic" and "My Love is Like a Red Red Rose."  This weekend is going to be a very busy as well.  Cakeb's band is playing 11 tomorrow for battle of the bands, I thin at the Senior Center.  There is also the annual fund raiser for Young Men and Women.  Mixed in with this, Caleb is getting his wisdom teeth pulled.  In a couple weeks we are looking forward to Caleb being in the musical "Bye, Bye Birdie."  This is a link to the flyer.


Movie Night: ***^ Xanadu (Olivia Newton John)

Xanadu 1980
This is my continuation of watching the musicals available through Instant Netflix.  The selection is rather slim.  Sheri and I enjoyed this one when we were younger.  It actually came out a couple years before we were married.  Olivia Newton John stars as Kira, a muse.  Gene Kelley as Danny McGuire, is a former love interest of the muse, and the current love interest, Sonny Malone is played by Michael Beck.  The story explains a muse is not allowed to have a permanent relationship, but they are to help people’s dreams come through.  The dream in this case is for the two men, who are partners, to get a club going which they call Xanadu.  When the muse has to leave as the dream is fulfilled, Sonny is depressed and miserable, as Danny was 30 years ago.  He goes after her.  He runs through a mural, into the realm of the muses.  Because of this great love, she is granted a day to come back and see the opening day of the club.  She still has to leave in the end, but they do get a day.  This show has good musical, and a story line that works.  I don’t know what it is with all the roller skating.  Maybe it was a think for the time, roller skates, not roller blades.  There is a twist at the end.