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I created this blog for my journal. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In this blog I keep many of the things I come across as a member of the church. I also share my experiences on the ACE Train and getting to work, my experiences in Manteca where we have lived for three years, and other things I think are noticeable.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Life in Manteca 107: Miranda's talk, restaurant reviews

Miranda did a great job on her missionary farewell talk.  
It was in the singles ward.  Attending were the Ortons, Bishop Orton, Nancy, Alyssa Ashley and Jamison, Charity, Camberly and Anthony, Mark, Dianna, Anna, Heather and Jeremy Kayla and Skylar.  The Ortons hurried home for Jamison's birthday, and Mark had meetings but everyone else came over for dinner.  Miranda made pasta shell lasagna.  Jeremy and family had to leave quickly as he was working, but otherwise we had a peaceful and enjoyable time.  
Tuesday, Charity and Camberly as well as Jeremy, Kayla and Skylar came by to say goodbye to Miranda.  Miranda's bags were packed on Monday and by the door.  
Over the past couple weeks, Sheri and I have been to several new restaurants.  There is a new **^McDonalds in Manteca, closing the McDonalds on Yosemite where there was a play place.  This maintains the number of McDonalds in Manteca at five--on Airport, on Lathrop, Yosemite and Union, in Walmart, and this new one on Yosemite and Spreckles.  It is across the street from the old one.   Miranda and I took the boys there.  I was alarmed when a patron asked the person and the register is she could wipe the table.  She had to get the manager permission, and his comment was, "only if you can get your orders out."  The problem with the McDonalds play place was that it was almost always dirty.  It seems that the attitude of money first and cleanliness second has followed this McDonalds across the street.    
There is also a new Popeyes  at Yosemite and Union.  We had previously gone to a ***Popeyes on one occasion and were less than oppressed.  Their gravy was not as good as KFC.  We went this time, and Sheri and Tony had chicken tenders and I had fish.  I found their fish to be better than Long John Silvers.   It had a nice cajun seasoning.  Their chicken tenders were also good.  Their barbecue sauce was a bit too spicy and required water to get it down.  I had beans for my side, and Sheri and Tony had fries which had a nice spice.  The surprise was the biscuit.  I thought it was bad that it didn't come with butter or honey, but then tasted one and discovered the butter was baked right in.  It was actually very good.  So I give Popeyes passing marks, although a bit pricey.  We did not eat their gravy. 
Sheri and I had our anniversary dinner, and went to ***^Golden Corral in Tracy.   It was a surprise to me that they were a buffet.  I was expecting a sit down restaurant.  However as a buffet, it was very nice.  Being historically a steak house, they had steak, but they had difficulty keeping the platter filled and people had to choose other options.  I mostly ate fish, and barbequed chicken.  I also had the lobster tail for an additional price.  The most excited thing was the fondue fountains for dessert.  They had caramel, white chocolate and dark chocolate.  The dark chocolate would harden.  
We also like some of the changes at Chilis.  They now offer a game player and you can play all you want for $.99.  This is also how you pay and how you order dessert.  Maybe too many different sports stations at the same time, which distracts from conversation.  However, we have always liked their food. 
I am getting more active.  The source of this activity is gardening.  We have been too lax, but are in the process of putting down plastic to keep the weeds at bay, and making planters for what we do want.  I have started clearing a space for a raspberry planter.  It is best to plant in Spring and that is our goal.  We are also going to add strawberries.

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