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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Documentary Review: National Geographic: World's Most Dangerous Drug

It's Incredible How Deep the Hooks Go: Methamphetamine Addiction

I watched a documentary on Netflix Instant, "National Geographic: World's Most Dangerous Drug."  It indicates methamphetamine is 3.5 x more addictive than cocaine.  It talks about the cost of this drug, which has really burst upon the scene in the past 25 years.  This corresponded with the use of ephedrine in cold medicines.  Now most states limit the access to this medications, and some require a prescription.  This had the desired effect of limiting manufacture in the United States, but has not reduced the supply, as Mexican drug cartels have filled this void.
This documentary showed what happened to one's health over time with the use of this drug.  It showed this by showing different mug shots of the same people over time.  The sores and the emaciated faces where undeniable.  They also interviewed addicts, who talked about the delusions and hallucinations that accompany the use of methamphetamine.
They told the story of a young couple that became disoriented with their first use.  They were driving in a storm, and because of illusions and paranoia, and poor thinking as a result of the drug, they did not survive the storm.  This was likely their first use.  The effects of methamphetamine last longer.  The high can last for twelve hours.  This makes the drug more desirable but also more dangerous, because the drug messes up your logical thinking.
It also tells the stories of a couple people with recent sobriety.  One woman destroyed her good looks and her teeth.  The other was putting his life back together, after being in a fog for twenty years, and basically twenty years behind his classmates from high school.

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