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I created this blog for my journal. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In this blog I keep many of the things I come across as a member of the church. I also share my experiences on the ACE Train and getting to work, my experiences in Manteca where we have lived for three years, and other things I think are noticeable.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Family Trip July 3: Black Chasm Cavern

This is a cave first discovered by man in 1850 during the gold rush.  This cave had a small opening, just about a foot and a half wide, and was very dark in side.  That is how it got its name.  The minor who found it hoped to find gold inside, but no such luck.  He then began giving tours and got other's gold in that manner.  It has changed hands over the years, and at one time was going to be mined for the calcite.  However this gave has some of the best helictite crystal in the world, and was named a National Treasure as a result.  The people who owned the gave decided not to mine.  The gave is now used as a tourist attraction and tours are given daily.

It is hard to do this cave justice with my pictures.  The Helictite is wonderful.  Also has flows, stalactites and stalagmites, columns, underground water, and many cool features. However, the nicest thing on a hot day was the 57 degree temperature inside.
A few of an underwater lake far below and hard to tak

Helictites look like hardened white shoe strings.  In the cave it was very hard to get a good picture.

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