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I created this blog for my journal. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In this blog I keep many of the things I come across as a member of the church. I also share my experiences on the ACE Train and getting to work, my experiences in Manteca where we have lived for three years, and other things I think are noticeable.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

10 Aqua Smart: Water Safety

I found this pamphlet at one of the health fairs.  I am not sure why it is in Spanish, but I will translate.  It gives ten rules for water safety:
1. Learn to swim.
2. Wear a life jacket.
3. Learn to float.  This is referring to safety measures for if you fall in a river or body of water.  Float towards the shore.
4. Reach, throw, row.  This rule deals with how to help someone needing assistance.  Always reach first, then throw a flotation device to them, and finally row to them.
5.  Look before you jump.  Always be sure you swim in an safe area.
6. Don't overfill your boat.  This also deals with balancing your boat.
7.  Stay with you boat.  If your boat should tip over, the safest place to be is with your boat until someone comes to rescue you.
8. Learn the rules for boat safety.
9. Alcohol, drugs and driving a boat don't mix.
10. Be careful to not litter.
Please be careful this summer season.

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