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I created this blog for my journal. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In this blog I keep many of the things I come across as a member of the church. I also share my experiences on the ACE Train and getting to work, my experiences in Manteca where we have lived for three years, and other things I think are noticeable.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Meeting Old Friends in Nauvoo: Dave and Sherry Curtis

 We made it a point to see the Curtis' who are serving a mission in Nauvoo.  Sister Curtis is over the senior performing arts group and has an office in the visitor's center.  Brother Curtis this day was hosting in the Browning home and rifle shop.
Sheri asked at the visitors center, and discovered Sherry was in the office.  We also discovered that Dave was at the Browning home so made it a point to visit him.  He taught us about the first rifling, which was quite a process.  Sherry insisted we stay for the performance at the Seventies Hall which is presented by the older missionary couples.  We had seen it 20 years before, but still enjoyed it, and I am sure much of it is new.  It is incredible that older people would step outside of the boxes and do such a thing; and there was a place for the really older missionaries as well as those not so old.  It was fun.  Sherry said it was a requirement that they all participate at least three nights per week.  You could tell there was different levels of enthusiasm, but some really enjoyed it and had good energy.  We had a time to reminisce about doing Annie in the Stevens Creek Ward.

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