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I created this blog for my journal. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In this blog I keep many of the things I come across as a member of the church. I also share my experiences on the ACE Train and getting to work, my experiences in Manteca where we have lived for three years, and other things I think are noticeable.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

What Gives Manteca? Woodward Change for the Worse

I hate what the City has done to Woodward.  First they close it, and then it reopens with a big roundabout.  First time down the road we almost hit the thing; my wife was driving and it was foggy so we missed the signs warning of the presence of the roundabout.  The speed was 45 at the time.  Now they have changed the speed to 25 from Union to Airport.  The subdivision through there has direct access to Woodward meaning houses along Woodward have driveway access directly to Woodward.  All the other subdivision along Woodward have street access only with the subdivision being surrounded by a wall.  Why the change?  With all the driveways, the speed had to change.  But  I hate the speed 25.  This was my direct route to the train, but with the change I travel a different route most of the time.
Only somewhat related; there was a motor cycle accident which involved the new roundabout and high speed in which two motorcyclists were killed.  There were candlelights lighting the roundabout for the next week or more, as a memorial.  This helped light the roundabout until people got use to it.

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