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I created this blog for my journal. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In this blog I keep many of the things I come across as a member of the church. I also share my experiences on the ACE Train and getting to work, my experiences in Manteca where we have lived for three years, and other things I think are noticeable.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Pinnacles National Park: Day after Thanksgiving

Pinnacles National Park is the newest national park, but was a national monument for many years.  Even though we live close, we had never been there.  This is a hiking park, with one campground.  This time of year is a good time to go as it is not too hot.  It is known for some crazy uplifts, which created the pinnacles.  It also has several caves.  We decided this trip to see some of the pinnacles.  We hiked up Condor Gulch Trail.  The condors must have been nesting, or out to see.  They nest in the cliffs, and they travel quite a ways.  The ranger said they mostly eat carrion.  We did see a skinny lizard, and the woodpeckers were very active.  We listened to and saw several of them.
Hiking and rock climbing



gnarly trees


lizard, just above the small rock in the center

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